Primark Bringing Affordable Shopping to the UK

Primark Bringing Affordable Shopping to the UK

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Before I had gone to Europe this summer I had never even heard of Primark. I had asked a friend to watch my place while I was gone and the only thing she asked for in return was a pair of leggings from Primark. I had no idea what Primark was or where to find it. Turns out there are several locations for Primark in London and around the U.K. as well. Before I had even gotten to London I met a lovely Canadian girl who was obsessed with Primark and how affordable it is. At this point I definitely had to go! I had to find out what I was missing out on. Turns out there is a location not too far from my hostel on Oxford Street.

Affordable Shopping

Four floors of clothes, shoes, jackets, accessories, and more! It was packed! Now, I’ve heard it compared to Forever 21 and H&M for those of you who have never been. I call Forever 21, Forever 21 minutes, because that’s about how long it lasts (though this fake leather jacket I have has been pretty sturdy). H&M I never find anything that fits properly so these two comparisons didn’t really work for me. What did work for me was Primark and it’s totally an affordable shopping option in the UK.

Primark Bringing Affordable Shopping to the UK

Trench Coat Check

I had come to London under dressed and in need of a weather-proof jacket and another set of jeans. I found both at Primark. Not only did I find a nice beige coat (looks something like the picture above), I found high rise jeans! High waist jeans are always expensive in the States so to find them for about the equivalent of $20 was a steal! I bought two pairs! I also got my friend her leggings, as well as a pair for myself. Totally an affordable shopping in the UK.

Unfortunately, Primark doesn’t have an online store, which my Canadian friend soon found out when she returned home with Primark withdrawals. The locals shop at Primark as well, it may just help you blend in a bit. Whenever I wore my beige coat people asked me directions, it must work. If you know a little about me, you know I take style cues from one of my favorite shows, “Gossip Girl.” Primark definitely is a go to if that’s the style you’re going for, and at a cheaper price to boot!

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Primark Bringing Affordable Shopping to the UK

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