4 Places You Need to Visit in Paris


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I know, I know, this is a long time coming. I should have posted this months and months ago, but it’s here now. So, here are my 4 places you need to visit in Paris!

Notre Dame

I went to Notre Dame and climbed all the way up the towers. I have to say this was a lot less scary than the Eiffel Tower. Partly because it is enclosed it wasn’t as daunting. However, Notre Dame has spiral staircases so those were a bit tricky (I have no idea how the girl in a dress before me did it). There is an excellent view of Paris from up here, really worth it!

An interesting note, all the gargoyles are different and there’s thousands of them. They are so well crafted and have stood the test of time, they impressed the heck out of me. I don’t remember being too thrilled with the interior of the church, but that’s worth a look while you’re there. Notre Dame is also on the Paris Pass I bought so it didn’t cost extra. You can also go underneath and see some of the city ruins.

Sainte Chapelle

After seeing so many churches while in Europe I didn’t think anything could surprise me, Sainte Chapelle did! It is honestly the most beautiful church I have ever seen. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It is surrounded by stained glass windows which tell one of the Bible stories. It’s hard to see in the picture, but each section has an image representing part of the story. They have been restoring it by cleaning the glass with Q-tips! I wouldn’t want to have that job. Try and go on a sunny day to get the full effect. This was also on the Paris Pass and super close to Notre Dame.


The Louvre, everyone told me to get there early and they were right. I got there just after opening and hardly anyone was there. I headed straight to the Mona Lisa, then to Venus. I recommend doing that first since that’s what everyone is there to see anyway. Don’t forget to get a map at the front, else you’ll get lost like I did. I have to say I wasn’t all that impressed by Mona or Venus.

I was impressed with the Napoleon Apartments however. You could throw one heck of a party in there! It was absolutely gorgeous! I didn’t get the audio guide here, which may have improved the experience. If you’re really invested in art, I’d say get the audio guide. The Louvre was also on the Pass. You could spend a good amount of time here if you’re really interesting in art, I really only went for the famous pieces.

Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is an internationally known landmark of Paris. It is beautiful, but a bit tricky to get to. You have to find the underground tunnel in order to get close to it. If I remember correctly, this tunnel is on the west side of the Arc. Don’t try to run across the traffic, it’s way too dangerous. When I was there they had a ceremony going on for the veterans. I didn’t really get too much info since it was hard to hear, and all in French.

You can go on top of the Arc, but it’s another set of spiral stairs. At this point, my Aunt and I were tired of stairs and opted to just enjoy it from the ground. The Arc actually looks bigger in person, which kind of shocked me. The architecture on it alone is worth the trip. So much detail!


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    Elle so nice to hear that you felt the same way about Paris as me. We too visited at the end of our vacation, after 6 full days in the UK. I was exhausted by then as well. I tried to enjoy it as much as possible, but the food was bleh and I guess it was just too much hype. Of course it was gorgeous, but I was still in wonderlust with England! xo

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      I actually spoke to an Englishman the other day and he was on the same page as us! I was surprised, thinking they’d be more compatible since they’re closer. I had some great pasta and macaroons! The bread products there are amazing! I think I put too much hype into it as well. I’d like to go to Italy next, but I’d like to go with someone this time. England is the best! I hope I get to work there one day!

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