What European Royals Really Looked Like


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I watch tons of shows based on the history of Europe. Heck, who doesn’t? Shows ranging from Da Vinci’s Demons to Tudors have become so popular that they are popping them out left and right! Even the CW, has created their own historical fiction with Reign. So what I wanted to do was do a side by side comparison of these TV characters with their real life counterparts. Some were pretty well done, others are just laughable. What European Royals Really Looked Like.


1. Anne Boleyn

They did a fairly good job in casting here, and with wardrobe.

They even included Anne’s ‘B’ necklace which she often wore.


2. Elizabeth the 1st

Anne’s daughter Elizabeth is really well known for her look,

so I don’t think they could have steered too far with her look

without some repercussions.


3. Leonardo Da Vinci

Okay, Da Vinci’s not royalty, but he might as well be. His work is

more well known than most of the history of Europe itself.

I couldn’t find a young picture of Da Vinci, but I think they got the facial

features right. Course, Da Vinci in the TV show has to be handsome.

Guess we’ll never know if real Da Vinci looked like that at 20 something.


4. Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire

The wardrobe department was spot on with this!

Though it looks like Georgiana was a bit fuller in body than

Keira Knightley, it still works really well.


5. Marie Antoinette

Kirsten Dunst just doesn’t have a timeless look, and I think that’s

why this doesn’t work for me. Keira Knightley can pull that off,

and a few others. Kirsten just can’t, I see it as her playing dress up,

not being Marie Antoinette.


6. King George VI

Colin Firth did a splendid job of playing King George, so at

that point I don’t care if he doesn’t totally look like him, he

embodied him.


7. Henry the 8th

This one is laughable. I don’t think Henry was as good looking,

or nearly as toned as Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Jonathan may have

mastered the temper, but it was an epic fail in looks.


8. William Shakespeare

This movie was so far off that I can’t even call it historical fiction.

The movie Shakespeare in Love was entertaining, but I don’t think

it reflected anything true about Shakespeare.


9. Francis II of France

Couldn’t find a teenage picture of Francis, so this will have to do.

TV Francis is better looking, and has longer hair from what I

can tell. TV Francis never looks like real Francis on the show. Fail….


10. Mary Queen of Scots

Another one way off, though Mary is pretty in the real picture.

She appears to have reddish hair and is a lot more conservative than

the CW incarnation. I do have to say Adelaide Kane does a good

job of playing her.


11. Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville

Honestly didn’t know much about their story until the White Queen.

The show was pretty good, but the similarities fall short.

Neither one really looks anything like their real life counterpart.


12. Pope Alexander VI

Another laughable representation. Jeremy Irons, father of Max Irons

(pictured above) is a good looking guy. The Pope however, is older,

heavy set, and can’t do Jeremy’s scowl nearly as well…LOL

Haven’t watched the Borgias yet, but I’m sure it’s entertaining.

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