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I traveled to Seattle and Vancouver in March of 2011. My God it feels so long ago! I won’t lie to you, I’m not a fan of Seattle. There wasn’t a whole lot for two under age 20 year olds (my friend and I) to do there. Besides the fact that we couldn’t rent a car, so we had to rely on public transport or walking. Here’s my must see list for Vancouver!

Capilano Suspension Bridge


On the other hand, I loved Vancouver! It’s a little big city! Large enough that you have stuff to do, but small enough to get around. This was a huge plus for us. The public transport here is wonderful and reliable. It also didn’t cost that much from what I remember. I took so many photos here that I’ll add them to a Beautiful Capilano Suspension Bridge post.

Hint: Check your credit cards before you go, you don’t want to come home to international fees like I did! Take a look at my post European Foreign Exchange; some of the same rules apply.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden

What’s really cool about Vancouver is that it’s a city surrounded by greenery. I know many of you are probably thinking Central Park in NYC, that’s not the case here. Vancouver is surrounded by actual forest. They do have set parks with greenery, but it’s not nearly as impressive as the forest in and around Vancouver. If you’ve ever watched the Twilight series, you’ll know what type of forest I’m talking about (Twilight was very big when we went).

Upon first arriving we stopped at a local restaurant called Malone’s Bar & Grill. I highly recommend this place! The staff was extremely helpful and kind! So much so that when we asked for recommendations on places to see, the waitress got us a map, marked some locations and told us how to get there! Talk about customer service!

Here’s a list of my Must-See’s in Vancouver! 

1. Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

– Get tickets for a game, or find a local bar to sit and enjoy the game with the locals.

2. Capilano Suspension Bridge

– I’m afraid of heights and I still did this, it was completely worth the fright!

3. Granville Island

– A quaint public market to do some shopping in.

4. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden

– A peaceful place and beautiful garden. The staff is also very informative!

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