The Pole Makes Photography Easy for Solo Travelers


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Since I’ll be in Europe by myself for most of my trip this summer I figured I’d have to buckle down and purchase a selfie stick! Just my luck, The Pole by 2Kamp Products was looking for bloggers to review. Obviously, I signed myself up immediately! Shortly after I received The Pole and went to it! The Pole makes photography easy for solo travelers.

The Pole


Super bright this day!
(Un-edited photo so that it’s an accurate depiction)

The Pole is really easy to use! A few qualms, but over all I’m satisfied. When I first tried it out I couldn’t figure out what bluetooth network it was. On my phone it wasn’t called ‘The Pole’ it was called ‘SelfTimer 03’ which was a bit confusing at first. Once I switched The Pole off and back on again I figured out that ‘SelfTimer 03’ was it. This is a one time setup since you’re phone should remember it going forward.

It really is a ‘plug and play’ item. The handle is wrapped in a rubber grip, which makes for a no slip grip. However, it did cause a bit of an issue with pressing the buttons since you have to press pretty firmly to take a shot. I folded down the rubber grip a bit which made it a lot easier for me to press. The Pole charges via USB port which is helpful since USB is so widely used. The cable to charge comes with The Pole.



The spring-loaded clip kept my phone secure, even with my case on! It’s easy to adjust to any angle you’d like. There’s also a built-in zoom, however it only works on Samsung 4.3+ right now. If you have a GoPro (which I don’t) there is also a GoPro adapter to mount it on The Pole. It’s all backed by a 30 day free replacement guarantee which is fantastic! Not that I’ve had to use it 😉 I would recommend to friends!

Current Price $29.99


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