What to do Before Traveling Abroad

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You’ve packed your bag. You’ve booked your taxi to the airport. You’re getting excited about leaving. But have you done the following four things? We want you to start your trip abroad in the best possible way. That’s why we gathered some of the things people tend to forget about before they leave. Check them out:

  1. Check in and select your seat online

Want to speed up your airport experience and get seats together? Log on and do it all ahead of time, suggests the Secret Traveller. Most airlines will let you do this 24 hours before your flight – so set a reminder on your phone, avoid those queues and have a chance at securing a better seat.

What to do Before Traveling Abroad
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  1. Pack some last-minute essentials

Check your hand luggage. Have you got some ear plugs and an eye mask? If not, you’ll probably struggle to get any rest on the flight. Add these to your bag and increase your chances of getting some shut eye. If this doesn’t work for you, you can always order a drink on the plane and see if that helps.

  1. Pick up a guidebook

When you get to the airport, kill some time by browsing the shops for a guidebook of your end destination. Look for one that’s got a map, suggestions of the best attractions, as well as recommended places to eat and some key phrases in the local language. It will give you something to read on the plane and you’ll land feeling prepared for your trip.

Alternatively, How I Travel say you could download the highly-recommendedCereal Magazine City Guides, a bi-annual travel and style magazine with city guides written for modern young traveller. Then you can read it all on your phone.

What to do Before Traveling Abroad
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  1. Check you’ve got a plug adapter

So you’ve remembered your phone. But have you got something to charge it with? Without a plug adapter, all your gadgets will be pretty useless. It makes number 10 on The Telegraph’s holiday essentials list, just behind all the important documents (passport, insurance documents, driving license, boarding pass and so on). Use the rest of the list as a great last-minute checklist.

What do you do before flying abroad? Share your last-minute suggestions with me.


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