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Welcome to Travel HerStory! This is my travel blog! You maybe thinking, travel only? Yep! Well, it’s been a long road. If you didn’t already know. I’ve had a couple other blogs before. And if you did know, thank you!

A Bit About Me

Back in 2013, I started a travel blog out of boredom. I was working a desk job at a film and TV studio and it was the same day in, day out. Unless something went wrong (not that I hoped it did) I wouldn’t have much to do during my day. So I decided to fill that time with a blog, based on a recommendation from a friend.

It started as a travel blog because I had just came back from Europe. I have a bit of travel OCD as I like to call it and plan EVERYTHING! Since I was stuck at my desk and not traveling the world (the dream) I soon lacked enough content. The blog than became a collage of many things. Eventually morphing into the Nerd Out blog and app. While the nerd world holds a special place in my heart. It has made me long for my travel blog posts, so Travel HerStory was born! Nerd Out has since closed and my new dream is to travel full time and be a Digital Nomad while working in social media.

Travel OCD = Travel Blog

As I mentioned, years ago, before going to Europe I had searched and searched for advice and tips for my trip. Everything I found was either too expensive, family oriented, or the locations of the cheapest beer. None of the aforementioned were things I was interested in or going to help me, so I had to help myself. After months and months of research, and a very successful trip, I decided to write all my knowledge down on this travel blog hoping it would be of use to you. Now, many years later I’m still writing down my adventures. All in an effort to share the knowledge and help you as much as possible!

THS was named for, you guessed it, my love of history mixed with my story. I’m a twenty something traveler, who occasionally goes solo. A fan of cheap travel, planning, and travel tips. Frequenting hostels, sightseeing passes, and castles. I sprinkle in some geek and nerd travel locations as well.

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My photos have been used in outlets such as Marriott Rewards, the Michigan Film and Digital Media Office, and the Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin.


I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures! Do let me know if you have any questions! I would love to hear from you!
Travel HerStory is written and edited by me, Michelle Jensen.
Currently located in Los Angeles and working in Film and TV.
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Please note, while some posts maybe sponsored, I never post anything I don’t believe in or haven’t tried out.