9 of the Coolest Places to Visit in Los Angeles

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I have been working and living in Los Angeles for almost 6 years now. The first time I went to visit Los Angeles, I did all the cliche touristy Hollywood stuff. Now, with more experience I have a better feel of the city. While visiting Los Angeles, there are a ton of fun things to do in LA. Here is a list of my favorites!

Visiting Los Angeles

A lot of people upon coming to Hollywood want to visit places like Grauman’s Chinese Theater. I get it, it’s one of the most famous places in Los Angeles. However, it is a massive tourist trap and is one of the grungiest places in the city. The list I have compiled are places that I would bring a friend if they were visiting Los Angeles. They’re less frequented places but show the more beautiful side of Los Angeles county. Here’s your travel tips to hooray for Hollywood!

getty villa

Getty Villa

Getty Villa is a museum for Greek, Roman, and Etruscan art and antiquities. The audio guides and tours here are really well done. There’s no way to kill a museum experience quicker than to have a bad guide. Now, not everyone is into art. I get that, but the museum looks over the ocean. Gorgeous right! The architecture of the building is amazing! It was designed based on the Villa of the Papyri. The beach across from it is nice as well. I like it because a lot of people don’t go down there. It also doesn’t cost too much to get into the museum so it’s a win for budget travelers visiting Los Angeles.

Diddy Riese

Westwood and Diddy Riese

Westwood is right next to UCLA so if you’re looking for the young hip area, this is where you’ll find it. They have a ton of really cute shops here and a good amount of restaurants. Now, I always take people to Diddy Riese when they are visiting. You may think, ice cream sandwich, so what? I had a friend from Holland visit and this sandwich is what she told all her friends about when she got home. I have never had a friend not like this place. Plus, it’s only a $1.50, cash only.

paramount pictures

Film Studios

There a quite a few film studios you can visit in Los Angeles. My favorite is Paramount because it has so much history. Sony Studios (formerly MGM) is also a good studio for a tour. They can get a little costly so make sure to research before going. I also believe you have to book ahead. If you have a friend who is an employee, they can usually get you a discount. Do your research before picking a studio, Sony I know is where they shot Wizard of OzSpiderman, Star Trek, and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. If you’re a movie buff or travel nerd this is probably the most fun thing to do in la for you.

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign

Course this is always on the list for Los Angeles. But it is worth it. If you’re adventurous, do the hike up to the sign. You can’t get all the way to it, but you can get close enough. It’s not a really hard hike either so don’t let the word hike discourage you.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a really nice shopping area, 3rd Street Promenade is where you’re going to find the most action. I do warn you that at night it can get a little sketchy so make sure to go with friends if you’re going in the evening. The pier is a great place to spend some time as well. I don’t really like their rides, but the experience and the view are nice. The beach is usually packed!

Melrose and Robertson

Melrose and Robertson

You know all those photos of celebrities shopping? Yes, the ones in People magazine and such? They were probably taken on either Melrose or Robertson Blvd. These two streets are very popular shopping areas. If you’re like me, you just window shop, but it’s still a nice place to hang out. I’d recommend eating at the Newsroom, as it has good food and is also across the street from the Ivy. The Ivy is a popular celebrity eatery.

jimmy kimmel live

TV Show tapings

A lot of TV talk shows give away tickets for their tapings. Depending on how popular the show is, will depend on how hard it is to get tickets. Do some research ahead for these, as depending on the guest, tickets can be hard to get. 1iota is a good site to get tickets on. I’ve gone to events with them before, and they turned out really well.

Movie Premieres

Movie Premieres

Sometimes you can get tickets to a movie premiere, it’s not super likely. But, what you can do is show up for the red carpet. Warning, depending on how popular the film is, will depend on how many people show up. The premieres at the Directors Guild or in Westwood are usually more tame. Show up early to these events to get the best view and the best chance of getting autographs.

Bevery Hills

Bevery Hills

Beverly Hills is the most popular and best place to shop in Los Angeles, if you have the money to afford it. If you want to get the experience however, I’d recommend window shopping and grabbing a coffee at Starbucks or one of the local cafes. It’s a really pretty area and you can usually see some pretty interesting people hanging around. The Farm is a really nice place to grab a bite.

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