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Safe Solo Travel Tips: 4 Safety Rules to Follow

Safe Solo Travel

When you travel on your own, you have a lot of freedom in terms of where to go and what to do. There is, after all, nobody else that you have to take into consideration. Traveling solo, on the other hand, also means that you’re at a slightly higher risk and especially when you’re in […]


How to Pick a Hostel for Your Next Vacation


Not only have I stayed in hostels around Europe, but I stay in one during SDCC. Honestly, it’s mostly because it’s a HECK of a lot cheaper. I’ve had people offer to share a hotel room with me but it always ends us being more expensive than a hostel and I’d then have to share […]


Review of the Comics Guesthouse Hostel in Rome

Comics Guesthouse Hostel

Probably my favorite place I’ve stayed is the Comics Guesthouse Hostel in Rome, Italy. It’s the epitome of Nerd Travel! It’s a mash up of my love of comics with my budgetary needs of a hostel. Comics Guesthouse is a perfect fit for every nerd! They have a selection of different themed rooms you can […]


Review of the YHA Stratford-upon-Avon Hostel

YHA Stratford-upon-Avon hostel

After finishing the Stratford Town Walk and visiting Shakespeare’s Birthplace, I walked back to YHA Stratford-Upon-Avon hostel. I won’t lie, it was a bit of a walk, but after the amount of food and alcohol I had ingested at my friend’s wedding I needed the exercise. It was about a 2 mile walk that took me 40 […]


I Got Locked Out of the YHA Stow Hostel

yha stow

I was in England this past June for a friend’s wedding. The wedding took place in a gorgeous little English town called Stow. Really picturesque, like something out of a fairytale. During the few days I was in town for the wedding I stayed at the YHA Stow hostel. The YHA Stow Hostel I had chosen […]


Everything to Know About the YHA Oxford Street Hostel

yha oxford street

I’ve stayed at YHA hostels before and thoroughly enjoyed my time there! It was the YHA London Central last time so I chose to check out the YHA Oxford Street location this time. Since shopping in London is an addiction of mine, this provided me a precarious situation since I’d be so close to the best […]


The Essential 3 Months Out Travel Check List

Travel Check List

It’s about this time, the 3 month benchmark, that my travel OCD sets in. I start narrowing down my list of sights to see and places to visit. By this point you definitely should have your tickets to and from said country. Then comes the tedious part, scheduling. I use Google Drive to organize my […]


Visit Eger, Prepared to Be Charmed to Hell


Get out of Budapest, Head to Eger Wait what? Why go to Budapest just to LEAVE Budapest? Because you need to go to Eger. Eger is around two and a half hours out of Budapest from Keleti station. There are direct trains, but I decided to be adventurous and took one that required I change about an […]


Should You Stay in a Hostel? Experiences in European Hostels

stay in a hostel

Staying in a hostel on vacation can save you a lot of money, but will it dampen your experience? The first  time I stayed in one, I wasn’t sure about the whole experience as I had only stayed in hotels. I’m here to tell you all about what hostels are like and figure out, should […]