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The Pandorica Opened at Stonehenge


The Pandorica Opened at Stonehenge This past June I visited Stonehenge! I traveled there on a coach bus with part of my friend’s wedding party. While the rest of the group chatted about the possibilities of Stonehenge being a druid creation, I kept muttering one thing….Pandorica! I don’t think you can be a true Whovian […]


19 Gifs that Show What Traveling is Really Like


Ah the magic of traveling! It can be amazing and astoundingly terrible, at the same time. Here is my comical rendition of taking a trip as told by gifs! 19 Gifs that Show What Traveling is Really Like. When you’re stressed the f-out with you’re life… And you figure the only answer is… Just get away, […]


Another Travel Day in London

Tower Bridge

Just another travel day in London…London Bridges falling down, well not exactly. The bridge above is commonly mistaken as the London Bridge. This bridge is in fact Tower Bridge, named so because it’s near the Tower of London. The London Bridge is just west of Tower Bridge, and much less glamorous in size and scale […]