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Vatican Museum is a Testament to the Arts

Vatican Museum

My first day in Rome I set out to the Vatican. I figured this would be a full day and I should get it out of the way right off the bat. When you go to the Vatican, it’s no small expedition, it’s a tremendous one. You could actually probably spend more than a day […]


What to Do with a Night in Rome


After my long haul to get to Rome, I was really happy to finally be there. I had made it in one piece, by myself! Being that I’d never been to Rome, or Italy, and spoke very very very little Italian. I was really impressed with myself. I decided to hit up some of the […]


Best City I’ve Ever Gotten Lost In, Venice


Ah, Venezia! It’s as beautiful as the photographs. It’s so gorgeous and so enriched in history that it makes you angry. Surely no place can actually live up to all the wistful songs and glamorous movies! Yet, it does. It’s just that stunning. The grandeur of the basilica mixes perfectly with the charm of back […]