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The Best Luggage to Use on a Long Trip


I recently took a trip to Europe for three weeks and a long eventful weekend at San Diego Comic Con. After all that, I can confidently tell you what’s the best luggage to use on a long trip. A few years back my Mother had found a place that sold items that had been passed on […]


Tips on Packing The Right Way for Traveling

travel packing

Packing improperly for a trip can really mess with your trip as a whole. And who wants to screw up their trip before they even begin? No one! You don’t want to screw up that carefully planned trip! You could forget something, pack the wrong clothes, not pack enough, or pack too much. To help solve […]


Easy Packing for 2016 Vacation Guide

Easy Packing

We spend day in, day out, working to make a living. So, when the summer sunshine shines bright across the world, we opt to travel. Rightfully so. Work hard, play hard, right? However, as good as a vacation is, nobody likes packing. I’m here to help. So, relax. Here’s your easy packing guide for your 2016 […]


6 Things to Do Before Traveling Anywhere

things to do before traveling

I leave in four days to go to Europe for my friend’s wedding. Even with all my planning for the last few months, I still have stuff to do! Aside from the usual pack your bags, there are things we sometimes forget about, especially when you don’t have months and months to think about it. […]


Last Minute Travel Items You’ll Need

Last Minute Travel Items

When packing for a trip you better remember those last minute travel items, else you’ll regret it. If you’re like me, you started putting these them in a pile months before your trip. Below is a list of my recommendations on the last minute travel items you’ll need. Also know as…what I couldn’t have done […]


What Jewelry to Pack for Your Next Trip

What Jewelry to Pack

Jewelry always seems to be the last thing I think about when traveling. I used to hate trying to figure out what jewelry to pack. I used to be a big earring junky. I wore the big chandelier earrings in the latter part of middle school and most of the way through high school. Since […]


How to Pack for Europe in Summer

pack for europe

I recently came back from a 3 week trip abroad in Europe. Ireland, England, and France to be exact. Before you even get to the Guinness Storehouse or Buckingham Palace, whichever suits your flavor, you have to pack. For me this wasn’t such a daunting task until the final weeks. I had started a pile […]