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What to do Before Traveling Abroad

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You’ve packed your bag. You’ve booked your taxi to the airport. You’re getting excited about leaving. But have you done the following four things? We want you to start your trip abroad in the best possible way. That’s why we gathered some of the things people tend to forget about before they leave. Check them […]


Best Luggage to Use on a Long Trip


I recently took a trip to Europe for three weeks and a long eventful weekend at San Diego Comic Con. After that, I think I can confidently tell you what’s the best luggage to use on a long trip. A few years back my Mother had found a place that sold items that had been passed […]


Outlet Adapter Always A Must Have


Always remember to bring your outlet adapter! Your outlet adapter always a must have! I got the cheap ones from Target. They look like the picture below. They worked perfectly fine with my iPhone charger and my hair straightener. You don’t need the fancy schmancy ones! At least not for Ireland, England, and France. In Paris, the […]


Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way


Packing improperly for a trip can really mess with your trip as a whole. And who wants to screw up their trip before they even begin? No one! You could forget something, pack the wrong clothes, not pack enough or pack too much. To help solve this problem this infographic has been created to help. Here […]


What To Look For In A Hostel


With San Diego Comic Con fast approaching I wanted to share this post on what to look for in a hostel. Not only have I stayed in hostels around Europe, but I stay in one during SDCC. Honestly, it’s mostly because it’s a HECK of a lot cheaper. I’ve had people offer to share a […]


Easy Packing for 2016 Vacation Guide


We spend day in, day out, working to make a living. So, when the summer sunshine shines bright across the world, we opt to travel. Rightfully so. Work hard, play hard, right? However, as good as a vacation is, nobody likes packing. I’m here to help. So, relax. Here’s your easy packing guide for your 2016 […]


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles from England to Rome


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles from England to Rome….I don’t think I’ve ever been more worried about missing a connection than I was the day I went from Stratford-upon-Avon, England to Rome, Italy. I had literally booked it down to the minute. I wanted to get as much time as possible in Rome since I had […]


6 Things You Have to Do Before You Travel


I leave in about four days to go to Europe for my friend’s wedding. Even with all my planning for the last few months, I still have stuff to do! Aside from the usual pack your bags, there are things we sometimes forget about, especially when you don’t have months and months to think about […]


27 Movies to Watch Before You Travel to Europe


There are countless movies filmed in Europe, but this list encapsulates wanderlust for the countries across the pond. Movies that paint a picture of the cities and towns of Europe. Films that make you want to buy a plane ticket and fly across the Atlantic. I leave for Europe in just short of two weeks […]


The Pole Makes Photography Easy for Solo Travelers


Since I’ll be in Europe by myself for most of my trip this summer I figured I’d have to buckle down and purchase a selfie stick! Just my luck, The Pole by 2Kamp Products was looking for bloggers to review. Obviously, I signed myself up immediately! Shortly after I received The Pole and went to […]