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Sherlock For a Day in London


I know, I know, finally my Sherlock for a Day in London post! So I started my favorite day in London by going to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. I then went off for a walk through Regents Park, it is literally a block away, you can see it from Sherlock’s window. Take your time here […]


Another Travel Day in London

Tower Bridge

Just another travel day in London…London Bridges falling down, well not exactly. The bridge above is commonly mistaken as the London Bridge. This bridge is in fact Tower Bridge, named so because it’s near the Tower of London. The London Bridge is just west of Tower Bridge, and much less glamorous in size and scale […]


Is the Sherlock Holmes Museum Worth it?


One of the most highly anticipated events on my trip to Europe was the Sherlock Holmes Museum. I had missed it on my last trip to London and was determined not to miss it again! With all the hullabaloo over BBC Sherlock, Elementary, and Downey Jr.’s films, I was nervous it would be more of […]