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Outlet Adapter Always A Must Have


Always remember to bring your outlet adapter! Your outlet adapter always a must have! I got the cheap ones from Target. They look like the picture below. They worked perfectly fine with my iPhone charger and my hair straightener. You don’t need the fancy schmancy ones! At least not for Ireland, England, and France. In┬áParis,┬áthe […]


The Pole Makes Photography Easy for Solo Travelers


Since I’ll be in Europe by myself for most of my trip this summer I figured I’d have to buckle down and purchase a selfie stick! Just my luck, The Pole by 2Kamp Products was looking for bloggers to review. Obviously, I signed myself up immediately! Shortly after I received The Pole and went to […]


4 Must Have Travel Apps


Summer 2013 when I traveled to Ireland, England, and France I had planned for everything but my iPhone. I didn’t really prepare or research any useful apps. I had WhatsApp, but that was about it. I had forgotten that WiFi wouldn’t be as plentiful as it is in Los Angeles. So to save you from […]