Chocolate Kitchens and Gardens at Hampton Court Palace

chocolate kitchens

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The Chocolate Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace was a big deal back in the day. It was expensive, and prepared especially for the royals.

Visiting the Chocolate Kitchens

As part of the Baroque building, the Chocolate Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace were built for William and Mary around 1689, but mainly served the Georgian kings. George I even had his own personal chocolate maker, Thomas Tosier. It is a room dedicated solely to the purpose of making chocolate. I would probably be as big as Henry the 8th if I had my own Chocolate Kitchen.

“After falling out of use, the Chocolate Kitchen lay hidden for years. The Chocolate Kitchen had been mentioned in many documents but its location remained a mystery until 2013 when one of our curators discovered an 18th-century inventory of the palace pinpointing its location. They were re-opened in February 2014, and are the only royal chocolate kitchens in Britain and a remarkable discovery.” – HRP

Kitchen Galore!

You won’t believe just how big the kitchen was at the palace! Thought, when you think about it, they were serving hundreds of people when the King was there. High ceilings allowed for the smoke to rise from the tremendous fires cooking meat on a spit. This place would have been filled with workers scurrying around making sure dinner was on time.

But forget the Chocolate Room, what I’d love is my own wine room! Barrels and barrels and barrels! I can only image a poor soul wandering in here and being one of those goofy cartoon drunks hiccuping on the way out!

Needed More Time

I was quite in a run by this time. On the Hampton Court Palace website recommends at least 3 hours of your visit. I can usually get out under that time. Wound up at the Palace for 4 hours and still had plenty to see! I could go back and do another 5 posts there was so much to see! Trust me, I even left out some bits in these posts just so that I wouldn’t drag on and on. So I’d recommend at least 4 hours, more likely 5! The last thing I saw on my trip was the gardens. And that’s it folks! We get to move onto another location next post!

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    A chocolate room and a wine room?! I would get so fat!

      • Elle
      • August 27, 2015

      I know right!?! I don’t know how they didn’t!

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