Not How I Expected Versailles


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I had a lot of expectations about France in general, and that included Versailles. Let me repeat, not how I expected Versailles. Versailles was my first stop, after landing in Paris the night before via the chunnel. I highly recommend the chunnel, it takes no time at all! There were so so many people at Versailles that day! We waited in line for over an hour. It felt like waiting in line at Disney. On top of that, it was scorching outside so that didn’t help. Bring snacks and water if you go in summer!

Paris Museum Pass

I had the Paris Museum Pass, which I would recommend, that included Versailles. Note, they do charge you for basically everything ‘extra’, meaning the gardens, any events, or anything other than walking through the door. Versailles was the most expensive museum I went to on the entire trip. This is of course because of the history of the palace.

A Lack Thereof

I do have to say that it is beautiful here, but I did not feel that they put enough personality into it. While walking through with the audio guide, I felt as if no one had ever lived there. Sure they had some of the beds in there, but I thought that they should have made it more personal for the visitor. The Diamond necklace affair, where Marie Antoinette was nearly killed, was just glazed over. Granted, a lot of the original items of the Palace were destroyed during the revolution, but that’s why you have replicas, or at least items from the same time period. I’d recommend going to the Palace of Fontainebleau instead, many people have recommended it.

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    This is exactly what happened to me when we went to Paris. I wish it would have been a separate trip and we had time to relax more. TOO much at one time!

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      Yes! for sure!

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