5 Places to Eat at for Amazing Parisian Food

Parisian food

It’s been over a year since I was in Paris but I can still remember just how amazing the food was. Once you’d tasted some Parisian food there is nothing that will taste as good again. Some of the places I went were recommended to me before my trip, some I had sought out, and some I stumbled across.

Amazing Parisian Food

Parisian food

1. Angelina

Angelina may look like any old Parisian pastry shop from the outside, but inside it’s akin to walking into Willy Wonkas classy pastry department. The place is filled with fantastic, mouth watering smells of chocolate, sugar, and creams. There’s usually a line out the door, but there is a separate entrance for pickup orders. If you’re just dropping by for a pastry you can go in this entrance. You can go to the tearoom as well, I didn’t because I was low on time.

Now, aside from all the amazing pastries you can gawk at for hours, there is what I came for, the hot chocolate. When my friend recommended it, I thought how good can it actually be? It’s hot chocolate for goodness sakes! Boy, I was wrong! It is amazing! I don’t know what they put in it, but it’s like tasting heaven. No chocolate bar or hot cocoa will ever taste as good! They have a few locations so make sure to check the website for your closest location.

Parisian food

2. Laduree

Anyone who has watched Gossip Girl already knows what Laduree is, and if you haven’t, you should. Laduree is the best place for macarons! Trust me, I’ve tried the American macarons around Los Angeles and they just don’t match up at all! The Laduree store is gorgeous! Think Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette scene with the desserts. Yep, it’s that good! When I went they had some construction going on in their Tea Salon but I’m sure that done by now.

A friend told me the Tea Salon serves amazing food, I’ll take his word for that since their macarons were amazing! I got the pistachio and salted caramel and thoroughly enjoyed snacking on them while walking around the right bank. They have locations in New York City and Miami as well for those not skipping across the pond anytime soon.

Parisian food

3. Lillet

Let me start off by saying that I’m afraid of falling. I’m not afraid of heights like most people will tell you because I do just fine in an airplane. I am afraid of falling from a great height, so the impending trip to the Eiffel Tower wasn’t my favorite thing on the list. Sure, you’re in Paris you have to go to the Eiffel Tower and I knew I would, I just wasn’t going to be thrilled about it. If you’d like to read about my trip up the Tower.

Before I made the long walk up, my Aunt and I stopped for some Parisian food and a drink. I needed liquid courage, I’ll be completely honest about it. I had never tried Lillet before, nor ever heard of it, but we saw a poster at the restaurant with a cool glass (it was HOT out) of Lillet with some fruit in it and decided to try it. It was wonderful, especially since it had been so hot that day! In the states you can buy this at BevMo. In Paris many restaurants serve it.

Parisian food

4. Ratatouille

Not the movie, I promise, though the movie was really good! And all about Parisian food so it’s perfect for this post haha! Chez Janou has the best ratatouille! They have excellent food and it isn’t that expensive. It’s in a cute little corner near the center of Paris. One thing I have to say is that you have to keep track of their hours, I showed up mid afternoon one day and they were closed. They are open for lunch and dinner hours and that’s about it, but it is worth it. It’s an artsy place, if you couldn’t tell by their website design, so make sure to soak up the artistic mood.

Parisian food

5. L’Imperial 

I stumbled across this place while looking for a place to eat that wasn’t going to drain my bank account. Some places in Paris are very expensive, some have really small portions, and some just don’t taste that great. L’Imperial is none of the above. They had well-priced food, hefty portions, and pasta to die for! Literally, I was stuffed but because it was my second to last day in Paris and I knew I wouldn’t be back anytime soon I scarfed down the whole plate of pasta. It was followed by a nap in a park, the only way to digest pasta properly in Paris. The interior design is a little too mod for my taste, but the waiters were very nice and prompt with the food. If I could ship their pasta to my door right now I would, that’s how good it was! It was my favorite of all the Parisian food I tried!

Parisian food

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