How to Spend One Day in Dublin

One Tourist Day in Dublin

Let me start by saying before I went to Ireland everyone asked me “why Ireland?” As if Ireland was some no man’s land that I wouldn’t find anything in. Boy…they were wrong, not only did I see lots of wonderful places, but I met some wonderful people too. Dublin itself is relatively small, if you grew up next to NYC like I did, it’s small. I walked around most of it in one day in Dublin!

A Day in Dublin

The public transportation is great in Ireland, but since I like walking I didn’t really use it. Pictured above is Christ Church Cathedral. It is a beautiful famous church and if you get the tour they may even let you ring the bells! A fun fact, they also filmed many scenes of the Tudors here, including Anne Boleyn’s coronation. The Foxy Friars is the nickname for the monks, yes I know, it sounds more like a stripper name. St. Michan’s is an under appreciated church since it’s not as grand as the others in size. You do however get to go in their crypts and “shake hands” (rub the finger) of an 800-year-old crusader! It’s supposed to be good luck, else I wouldn’t have done it!

One Tourist Day in Dublin

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is also a very well known church. Christ Church and St. Patrick’s are in a sort of rivalry since each is funded by one of the two main alcohol distributors, Guinness and Jameson. I can’t remember which is which but if you go, they will definitely tell you about it on the tour. The Guinness family is viewed so highly that they get front row seats in the church, right next to the President. What does that tell you?

One Tourist Day in Dublin

Dublin Castle, pictured above, is really awesome to look at but note that they won’t let you inside as this is where their government is housed. Kilmainham Goal (Jail) is definitely worth seeing. One of the best things about Dublin is that it’s pretty cheap. Some things are even free! They may ask for a donation, as with The National Museum, but it’s recommended not mandatory.

One Tourist Day in Dublin

I will say that I did donate, so please do if you go. My favorite part of the National Museum, other than the cost, was that the building is just amazing! They used to house the military here, but it’s been a museum for some time now. They also had a reenactment when I was there, I always love reenactments!

Guinness Storehouse

I originally wasn’t going to go to the Guinness Storehouse, but everyone insisted. I hate beer in America, but as they say, it does really taste better in Ireland! The building is shaped like a Guinness glass, and if they were to fill it up with beer, there would be three pints of Guinness for every Irishman. On the way up seven stories, you learn how they make beer. You get a tasting about half way up and then when you reach the top you get to the Gravity Bar.

The Gravity Bar has a panoramic view of the city. Apparently, when my hostel mates and I went we were luckily enough to be there on the clearest day they have had in five years! It is definitely worth the view! Also, you get a free pint of Guinness with a shamrock drawn in the foam! You can also learn how to pour your own pint but we opted not to do it. I really loved my day in Dublin!

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