Visiting the Fairytale Castle Chateau Pierrefonds

Chateau Pierrefonds

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My favorite place in France has to be Chateau Pierrefonds! I just absolutely adored visiting this fairytale castle! It costs a pretty penny to get there, but it is worth it. There is no train directly to the town it’s located in so you have to take a train to the closest station, then take a taxi to the Chateau. I’m told there is a bus from the station, but I never really found any solid information on the times it was running. I found out later that it would have been cheaper to rent a car and drive there, as between my Aunt and myself we spent more in train and taxi fare than the price of a rental. Chateau Pierrefonds is included in the Paris Pass so no need to fork out extra money.

Chateau Pierrefonds

Getting to Merlin’s Camelot!

 Upon arriving, you’ll find a quaint little town surrounding this gorgeous chateau. I can’t imagine growing up there; having a castle in town? Crazy! For those TV/Film buffs out there, you’ll probably recognize it from Merlin, Narnia, Man in the Iron Mask, and more! Since filming has ceased for Merlin the traffic has slowed down. There was probably 10 other people in the whole place while I was there. We really had free reign! You’re handed a map upon entering by one of their wonderful staff and that’s about all the guide you’re going to get. Unless you speak French, you’re on your own.

Chateau Pierrefonds is beautifully preserved and is very well kept. The detail in this place is insane! I found craftsmanship in every corner! The inside is mildly decorated but you can still feel the aura of it.

Dragons at Chateau Pierrefonds!

The above image is a view of the courtyard from a second story window. If you’ve watched Merlin, you’ve seen this area many times. Note, the stairs to the dragon are here, though they won’t let you go down them. Since the dragon is still probably hanging out down there now that his acting gig is up 😉 The left side of the image, if I remember correctly, is the chapel. You’re allowed in the first two levels of Chateau Pierrefonds, not really sure what’s in the upper areas. (Will update if I find out)

Knights of the Round Table

The large room pictured above was used to house the round table for the knights. It has also been used for many other films. The room has two levels and is very very long. There’s a huge fireplace that was taller than my Aunt! A lot of the decorations were wood carved if I remember right. The other cool thing was that the furniture in there was original.

Chateau Pierrefonds

Okay, just cause I like this picture. No real reason otherwise. The reason this place is so well preserved is because Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte had it restored in the 1800s. Before this, it was in ruins and in danger of falling too far into disrepair. I don’t remember which tower is pictured, but all the towers are named for famous men. There is a Arthur tower, for King Arthur.

Chateau Pierrefonds

Tales of the Crypt

Just when I thought this place couldn’t get any better it did! I was warned not to miss the crypt below Chateau Pierrefonds. They have it setup with all these lights and music. There are also spirits whispering in French. Sorry, my French is no where near good enough to translate. It felt like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland but better since it was real!

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  1. Reply

    Just read up on your trip! You went to everywhere I went and more! Paris was the best thing I’ve ever done and possibly will ever do. Then again, it was my life long dream since forever, so even if it was crappy, simply being there would have made it all worthwhile! I wish I got to go to this chateux! I didn’t even know about it to be honest! I went everywhere else mainly. I loved Versailles, I absolutely love architecture, so I didn’t really care much about the people who lived there as much as the palace itself. And i was completely stunned, just like the Saint Chappelle, which was the most beautiful church ever. I did go all the way up the Eiffel Tower, and i am deathly afraid of heights. We stopped at the halfway and I had a mini attack but got myself together because I doubt I’ll ever have the chance to go back and it was so worth it! The view was gorgeous! And I conquered a fear! I went during the winter, in November so nothing was extremely busy which was nice. But the Notre Dame was being renovated so I didn’t get to go up and see the gargoyles, which I was bummed about! One of my favorite parts was the view from the Sacre Coeur and Montmatre, I loved that whole area. And the food, aka that patisseries 😀
    Sorry this was UBER long! I get excited when it comes to Paris !

    1. Reply

      Did you go anywhere else in Europe? It was a dream of mine as well, but it was a bit disappointing. I knew about it from Merlin, they filmed there. Versailles is beautiful, I just wish it felt more real, I didn’t feel as if anyone had ever lived there. I asked a lady who went up and she said it looked the same so I just passed, my aunt went though. The gargoyles were awesome! I didn’t get up to Sacre Coeur as I honestly was tired by the end of my trip. I miss the bread and pasta! Haha no worries!

  2. Reply

    No I didn’t get to go anywhere else, I went on a school trip, so it was just there. I looked into taking the train somewhere else, but it would have been an entire day, and I was only there for a week, which is not even enough time to check out Paris. I want to go back and travel around, hopefully I’ll get to one day. I really want to go to Bruges, yes because of In Bruges, and Vienna! 🙂

    1. Reply

      Ah okay. I’ve had friends do the school trip, I didn’t want to do that though cause I wanted to do it at my own pace and see what I wanted to see. Have faith, you will! In Bruges? What’s that? I want to go to Italy too!

  3. Reply

    I wish I could do that, school was the only way to convince my parents to let me go haah. In Bruges, the movie! It’s one of my favorite movies, with Colin Farrell! You should watch it! 😀

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