Four of the Best Things I Did in New York this Summer

new york this summer

I embarked on my childhood dream adventure. A trip of a lifetime around the United States of America with a stop in New York this summer. I did have to endure working in a summer camp for three months prior to my 4 week period of immense traveling… let’s just say those sleepless nights and 5am starts were absolutely worth it, because my adventure was majestic. 

New York This Summer

August 10th

August 10th is a significant day, as that was the day I left camp and embarked on the real journey. I made countless stops, in 15 major cities across the US. First stop. New York City. Of course. Where else?  My camp was in New Jersey. The plan: To take a coach to New York City, then fly over to Chicago. In my excitement of planning, I left myself with only 24 hours to explore New York to the fullest. Silly mistake, obviously. However, I managed to fit a lot in.

August 10th, 12pm

I arrived into New York City at 12pm and immediately checked into my hostel, throwing my massive rucksack onto the bed before vanishing into the fast paced atmosphere that is ‘The Big Apple’. With basically one day to explore, I had to be quick and resourceful if I wanted to make the most of my time.

new york this summer

August 10th, 1pm

‘He took the midday train anywhere….’ No really, I didn’t have a clue which train I was going to take, but I knew where I wanted to go. My hostel was on 88th street. I needed to get to 42nd street. I wanted to see Time Square of course. Thankfully, I had a short distance to 7th avenue, to the 15-minute subway ride to Time Square… And there it was. I jumped off the train. I was doing it, exploring. Wow. Time Square is a phenomenal place. The rush, there is literally something in the atmosphere. I cannot describe it, you really have to be there to feel it. Anyway, I decided that I would not spend long here, as I would be returning in the night time!

August 10th, 2pm

After spending time at Time Square, I decided to head to the Rockefeller Centre. On the way to the top, there are numerous facts about how long it took to build, how many men, the equivalent cost of what it would be in today’s monetary value and how many toilets there are. I don’t remember any of the facts though. I was way too excited for the view. Let me tell you, that is SOME VIEW! Unbelievable.

August 10th, 3.30pm

After a bite to eat at the standard hot dog cart on the side of the road, I ventured into Central Park for what was a very exciting part of the trip. See, I have this idea that every city I travel to, I have to do the bike tour. You see a lot more of the city, it’s fast and I pretty much like riding bikes. After strolling through the park for three hours, I decided I’d have to move on. (Honestly could have stayed in there forever!)


August 10th, 7pm

With the sunlight surely about to fade anytime soon, I tried to work out which way the sun would set. Surely seeing something majestic in New York this summer would complete my day. I figure that if I could get to Brooklyn Bridge before the sun actually set, that I might actually witness something fantastic, I wasn’t wrong. Look at this for a sunset. Actually, perfect!

August 10th, 10pm

Just before I headed back to my hostel to pack and sleep before my flight to Chicago in the morning, I moved my way back to Time Square. Look at it. Stunning.


That was my not so careful planned trip in New York City. Given more time, I would have fitted a lot more in, or stayed around at some places for longer, but obviously, I’m a terrible planner. One thing I did plan before I left for my trip to the United States was to ensure that I had an ESTA. When planning my trip to the US, I knew that at some point I would want to go into either Mexico or Canada. As my Visa expired sometime just after finishing camp, if I would have left the country, the grace period which is granted to students may not have been enough for myself to re-enter the country. Fortunately, whilst having my ESTA it wasn’t a problem for me to re-enter. To find out more about the ESTA, click ‘Here’ and you will information that may really help you, too!

Thank you for reading, I’ve been Josh Hobson

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