Easy Packing for 2016 Vacation Guide

Easy Packing

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We spend day in, day out, working to make a living. So, when the summer sunshine shines bright across the world, we opt to travel. Rightfully so. Work hard, play hard, right? However, as good as a vacation is, nobody likes packing. I’m here to help. So, relax. Here’s your easy packing guide for your 2016 vacation. Luckily, technology has made packing easier than ever, so, even though you need underwear and your passport, make room for your mobile phone, your digital camera, your tablet, and your wireless headphones. Spare a thought for us when you’re sunning it up in Ibiza or Dubai (I wish)!

Easy Packing – Basic Essentials

Passport, flight tickets, wallet, foreign currency, credit cards, underwear, shoes, socks, t-shirts, sweater, medication, toothbrush, hand cream, contact lenses, first-aid kit, tissues, laundry bags, zip lock bags and anything else you can’t go without.

Here’s where you make travelling fun, and easy, and save space and money in the process. Technology is your friend here.

Bring a Mobile Phone

Bring your mobile phone. With family numbers, internet, music, payment method, and back-up tickets etc, you cannot go wrong bringing your mobile phone. If you’re in an emergency then you can call a relative, or turn your internet on and search for directions etc. Although we need a break from our phones from time to time, it should be on that plane with you.

Bring a Camera

Digital cameras are an essential. Sometimes you’re so mesmerised by the sights, that you don’t take it in. Pictures to show your loved ones, and to place next to your memories are a must. Although most phones offer camera capabilities, a professional digital camera can allow for the best possible pictures. A memory isn’t worth doing in a half-measured way, is it?

Tablets can bring you a camera, wi-fi usage, an e-reader, and the ability to keep on top of home life. Perhaps better than anything else you bring. The laptop was always popular to be taken away, however, it took up WAY too much space. The tablet brings all of these abilities, yet saves on 3 quarters of the space. How’s that for versatility and space-saving? With many apps, like this one, and the weather, news and email apps, you can keep yourself occupied all holiday, especially when you’re worried you’ll miss major events like Euro 2016.

Lap of Luxury

Finally, perhaps a luxury item, but one to take none the less. Noise-cancelling wireless headphones. Ones like Beats By Dre. They offer comfort, and a small get away whenever travelling gets too noisy. Without the wires they save space, yet they’re more powerful than many of their rivals. On top of this, without switching them on they cancel most noise. Whether you want a part on the plane or not, noise-cancelling headphones can make your holiday more enjoyable, more productive, and a lot less noisy.

While you won’t get too far without your clothes or your passport, technology is becoming just as important. Although many are taking trips to escape from the everyday realities, technology can save time, keep you safe and provide a sense of homelike that we sometimes just need, whether we like it or not.

Opt for powerful, spacious options. A tablet is our must-have item for technology vacation packing. Nowadays, they’re better, and faster than laptops, do everything a phone, camera and e-reader can do, and all of that operates in a device the size of a book. Years ago many would take several books, but now, one iPad, and your bag could appear lighter than a loaf of bread, but you might just have everything you need.

Has this easy packing guide helped you? I hope so! Go enjoy that summer sunshine, but embrace, rather than escape technology, and you’ll have a vacation to remember.

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