Last Minute Travel Items You’ll Need

Last Minute Travel Items

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When packing for a trip you better remember those last minute travel items, else you’ll regret it. If you’re like me, you started putting these them in a pile months before your trip. Below is a list of my recommendations on the last minute travel items you’ll need. Also know as…what I couldn’t have done without for three weeks in Europe.

Last Minute Travel Items

Last Minute Travel Items

  • Downey Spray (wrinkle releaser)
  • Tweezers
  • Nail Polish
  • Shaving Cream (travel size)
  • Soap Nuts
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flat Iron
  • Lock (if you’re staying in a hostel)
  • Sharpie (in case you use the communal refrigerator)
  • Body Lotion (I use it to remove makeup and moisturize)
  • Nail Kit (pictured above)
  • Hanger

Last Minute Travel Items

Soap Nuts, No Seriously!

The Downey Spray saved my butt on quite a few occasions when my clothes had gotten severely wrinkled. Trust me, it’ll happen, even if you purposely bought the shirt that ‘doesn’t wrinkle.’ I brought along a hanger as well so that I had somewhere to hang the clothes after I unwrinkled them. My nails chipped by about my third day out so the nail polish was a great idea. Just make to sure pack it well in case the bottle brakes. Soap Nuts are used to wash your clothes. They are these ugly looking little nuts (see above) that when wet produce suds. You can either hand wash or machine wash with these. Just dry them out after use and you can store and use again later.

First Aid

First Aid Kit is needed for the blisters you’re going to get, Advil also a good idea. I only used my flat iron while on vacation, even though I had brought a curling iron. With the rain and wind I didn’t see the use of curling. A note on the picture up top, I’ve had that 007 Manicure set for 10 years and it still holds together. I would suggest investing in one of these, if you don’t have one already. I bought mine for a dollar!


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