What Jewelry to Pack for Your Next Trip

What Jewelry to Pack

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Here’s your list of what jewelry to pack for your next trip! I used to be a big earring junky, I wore the big chandelier earrings in the latter part of middle school and most of the way through high school. Since then I’ve wound down on my earring collection, but when you’re on vacation you want to look your best! Pictured below is the jewelry that I wore the most in Europe. Yellow studs, purple studs, gold hoops, sea green chandeliers, and silver jewelled earrings.

Don’t Bring Anything You’d Cry Over

Now I did pack more than this, particularly necklaces and bracelets, but I hardly wore them. Course, if wearing necklaces and bracelets are your thing, go for it, but remember you don’t want to bring anything you’d cry over loosing. I didn’t loose anything on this trip, but I have on previous trips. I’ll tell you that you won’t be happy if you loose the bracelet your best friend’s mother picked out for you years ago! Earrings are also lighter to pack, leaving more room for the items you will buy along the way. The flowers and butterfly item on the top left is a ring, I wore it about twice. However, I only bought it for about two dollars so I wasn’t worried about loosing it.

What Jewelry to Pack

Matchy Matchy

Try picking items that will go with all your outfits. And if you must have something that only goes with one outfit, make sure that you definitely will wear that outfit. You won’t want extra weight when you’re dragging that suitcase home, especially down three flights of stairs in Paris. I didn’t buy any jewelry for myself while in Europe but I did for other people so room was needed for gifts.

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