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A Scary Afternoon Spent at the Eiffel Tower

eiffel tower

The same day I went to Versailles, after lots of walking, I went to the Eiffel Tower. I had a wonderful, though partly traumatizing afternoon spent at the Eiffel Tower. For those of you who hate heights, like myself, suck it up and do it anyway. This way you won’t ever have to do it again! Also, take […]


Review of the Comics Guesthouse Hostel in Rome

Comics Guesthouse Hostel

Probably my favorite place I’ve stayed is the Comics Guesthouse Hostel in Rome, Italy. It’s the epitome of Nerd Travel! It’s a mash up of my love of comics with my budgetary needs of a hostel. Comics Guesthouse is a perfect fit for every nerd! They have a selection of different themed rooms you can […]


27 Movies Set in Europe to Watch Before You Travel

movies set in europe

There are countless movies filmed in Europe, but this list encapsulates wanderlust for the countries across the pond. Movies set in Europe that paint a picture of the cities and towns there. Films that make you want to buy a plane ticket and fly across the Atlantic. I leave for Europe in just short of […]


5 Places to Eat at for Amazing Parisian Food

Parisian food

It’s been over a year since I was in Paris but I can still remember just how amazing the food was. Once you’d tasted some Parisian food there is nothing that will taste as good again. Some of the places I went were recommended to me before my trip, some I had sought out, and […]


Places You Need to Visit with a Weekend in Paris

weekend in paris

If you’re short on time when your in Paris, this is the must see places I recommend. Each one was spectacularly beautiful and took my breath away. Like literally, at Notre Dame at least (more on that in a bit). A weekend in Paris is a perfect trip for any time of the year. As […]


This is Not How I Expected Versailles


Versailles was my first stop, after landing in Paris the night before via the Chunnel. Highly recommend the Chunnel, it takes no time at all! I had a lot of expectations when it came to Versailles, as well as France in general. I am a history nerd after all! So it had been on my […]


Should You Stay in a Hostel? Experiences in European Hostels

stay in a hostel

Staying in a hostel on vacation can save you a lot of money, but will it dampen your experience? The first  time I stayed in one, I wasn’t sure about the whole experience as I had only stayed in hotels. I’m here to tell you all about what hostels are like and figure out, should […]