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Get Your Australian Adventure Off to a Flying Start

Get Your Australian Adventure Off to a Flying Start

If you are considering a trip to Australia you will find a diversity that will astound you. From huge cities to the vast outback, Australia has it all. The people are friendly, the weather is wonderful and there is so much to do you will never be bored. How can you get your trip off […]


Using Mango Languages to Learn German

Mango Languages

Before I headed off to Austria, Germany, Slovenia, and Croatia this summer I wanted to get at least a little understanding of the languages. I focused primarily on German as that’s what’s spoken in Austria and Germany, where we were spending the bulk of our time. My mom had heard about an app at her […]


Inspirational Travel Bloggers of 2018

travel bloggers

I wanted to wrap up the year by giving a special shout out to some wonderful travelers. Some are part-time travel bloggers like myself, and some are doing this full-time as a career! Many of which I’ve had the honor of getting to know personally this year. Each of them inspire me in some way […]


Safe Solo Travel Tips: 4 Safety Rules to Follow

Safe Solo Travel

When you travel on your own, you have a lot of freedom in terms of where to go and what to do. There is, after all, nobody else that you have to take into consideration. Traveling solo, on the other hand, also means that you’re at a slightly higher risk and especially when you’re in […]


Preventing Money Emergencies While Traveling

Money Emergencies

Traveling is supposed to be the time of your life, but it can soon turn into a nightmare when you’re faced with money emergencies. From budgeting problems to losing your cards, purse or worse – you don’t want to let your finances affect your trip. Money should be the least of your concerns when enjoying […]


Should You Get the Omnia Card for a Trip to Rome?

omnia card

When planning my vacations I’ll look into the tourist pass offered in my destination city. I’ve done it in many different cities and usually find that it’ll save me some money. Note that it really depends on how long you’re there and how much you plan on seeing. I’m the sort of person who likes […]


4 Must Have Travel Apps – UPDATED 2018

travel apps

I Love Travel Apps. They’ve saved me SO much time and energy. And no one wants to waste either while on vacation! To share the wealth, I’m updating this post after my trip to Eastern Europe last month. Downloading travel apps made my trip a million times easier. Travel Apps You Need My favorite travel […]


What to Do Before Traveling Abroad

traveling abroad

You’ve packed your bag. You’ve booked your taxi to the airport. You’re getting excited about leaving. You’ve been spending time planning a trip for a while. But have you done the following four things? We want you to start your time traveling abroad in the best possible way. That’s why we gathered some of the […]


Four of the Best Things I Did in New York this Summer

new york this summer

I embarked on my childhood dream adventure. A trip of a lifetime around the United States of America with a stop in New York this summer. I did have to endure working in a summer camp for three months prior to my 4 week period of immense traveling… let’s just say those sleepless nights and […]


The Best Luggage to Use on a Long Trip


I recently took a trip to Europe for three weeks and a long eventful weekend at San Diego Comic Con. After all that, I can confidently tell you what’s the best luggage to use on a long trip. A few years back my Mother had found a place that sold items that had been passed on […]