10 Tips for Cheap Smart Travel

Smart Travel

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I’m all about budget travel. I want to spend my hard earned money on seeing castles and museums, not little things like bottles and food! I’m pretty sure you want to as well. So here’s 10 tips for cheap smart travel!

1. Travel Sized Bottles

Don’t buy the fancy smancy ones, go to the dollar store. They last just as long, and work just as well. Save yourself a few dollars!

2. Shopping Shoe Bag

Don’t buy the expensive shoe bags. It’s a waste of money! Even if they have cute designs! Just use a plastic bag you’d get from the grocery store.

3. Luggage Scale

Don’t buy the electronic scale gadget. It’s not worth it. Weigh yourself on your scale at home. Record the weight, then pick up your bag and weigh yourself. Whatever the difference is is how much your bag weighs. Math made easy!

Smart Travel

4. Smart Travel Case for Toiletries

Don’t buy the fancy bag. I get so many free bags from Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, and the like that I have never ever had to buy a bag to put my travel items in!

5. Ribbon Your Suitcase

My Mother, and I believe my Grandmother, have been tying ribbon on suitcase handles for years! It’s an easy way to identify your case if you’re one of those people who have the black bag everyone else in the world has!

6. Pack Your Socks Inside Your Shoes

Save space by putting your socks inside your shoes. They’re going to wind up in there anyway so who cares? Saves on space in your suitcase!

Smart Travel

7. Save on Breakfast

Breakfast out is always nice. Trust me, it’s my least favorite meal to make at home! However, going to the local grocery store and grabbing an orange and a pastry is a heck of a lot cheaper. I did this for the better part of my time in Dublin! It was a smart travel way to spend. 

8. Save Beauty Samples

You know the little samples you get for free from Sephora when you order something online? Save them! I always use them when I’m on vacation since it’s a lot easier to pack them and throw them away before I return home.

9. Change Your Lock Screen

Saw this one on SmarterTravel.com! It’s a really brilliant idea! Change your lock screen to your contact information. This way if you loose your phone, which hopefully you won’t, someone will hopefully be nice enough to contact you.

10. Be Nice To Everyone

Especially the people that work at your hotel or hostel. It’s happened countless times where I take the time to say hello and greet whomever is working the desk. Then when I have a question they are the keenest to help you out. I’ve had them give me advice on where to purchase cheap tickets, rail tips, and more. A little kindness goes a long way.

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