Why You Should Try Solo Travel

solo travel

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Going it alone takes guts, I’m not going to beat around the bush about that. The first time that I was traveling solo was when I was 13 years old. I went on a plane from NY to CA by myself. It was a bit nerve-racking, especially since the flight attendant was supposedĀ to check on me and never did. That’s neglect lady! Any who, now that I’m older I have traveled a lot more by myself, and more than just a plane ride. Solo travel is an experience unto itself.

Solo Travel

This past summer I went alone to Europe, for the first part of the trip anyway. I went to Ireland completely alone. I’m not going to lie, there were times before the trip that I thought it was going to be a terrible mistake. But what really pushed me was that it was going to be an experience. I could do whatever I wanted, when I wanted. I wouldn’t have to consult with anyone! Ah the freedom! I’m also pretty terrible about being with someone 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I love people, I just don’t want you in my face 24 hours a day! What wound up happening in Ireland was one of my favorite experiences of my life!

Hostel Friends

I stayed in a hostel while I was in Dublin. The hostel in Dublin was awesome, super safe, clean, and centrally located! However, that wasn’t the best part! I met some of the nicest people in the world. Now before I get carried away, there was a couple girls in my room that I didn’t click with. There were 6 beds in total, but 3 of us really hit it off! We hit it off so well that we actually wound up going on excursions together.

I can still remember waking them up at about 7am to go to Kilmainham Gaol. They thanked me later when we met the gorgeous Irish man who was our guide. What was really wonderful is that we made it really relaxed. Some days we’d go out on an adventure together, some we’d just met up for dinner. It was really enjoyable to share an experience like that with others.

why you should try traveling alone

Journal Time

The times that I was traveling solo were beneficial as well. Time alone allows not only for freedom, but for the opportunity to think. It would take me posts and posts to write about all I thought. The short version is it put me more in tune with what’s important to me.

Before I left, a friend gave me a journal complete with pen and glue stick! This was the best gift I could have gotten before I went. I used up the entire thing! Whenever I got the chance, I wrote down what I had done and my thoughts in general. I also pasted in ticket stubs, brochures, and other bits. Looking back I really can see a difference in myself over those three weeks. The journal is something I can keep forever, and know who I was then, and who I am now. I recommend everyone to do this, even if you aren’t going on a trip.

Solo travel can truly be wonderful. It takes nerve, but you’ll thank me later once you’ve done it! You won’t ever regret it!

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    • Anonymous
    • April 5, 2014

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    • Anonymous
    • April 9, 2014

    Thanks for writing about solo travel! I feel the exact same way, I love my friends and family but I hate having to wait for them, it’s always a circus somehow and one person is always grumpy about something and that ruins the whole trip. I’ve gone places by myself but only locally, I’ve yet to take the plunge and travel out. I’m still weary about safety, I need to get over it though, lol. Please keep up the awesome travel tips!

    1. Reply

      Course! Happy to help! Exactly, I totally understand what you’re talking about. You should definitely try it. I recommend doing it at least once in your life! Honestly, my whole time in Europe, I never once felt unsafe. You just have to be smart about it. Stay in popular places. If you feel uncomfortable somewhere leave, your instincts are your best assets! My friend it going to guest post about where she went in Europe soon so I’ll hopefully have that up asap! Thanks so much for your comment!

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