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Giving In To Wanderlust: Practical Ways To Travel More

planned career break

Most of us would like to travel more often than we do. The trouble is that we tend to encounter barriers that prevent us from giving in to wanderlust. A lack of money and work commitments might hold you back, but there are ways to make more frequent travel a viable option. If you long […]


Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, The Best of a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is obviously the hottest theme park ticket this year! Disney’s Star Wars land opened this month in Anaheim, CA and I was one of the few that had a reservation to get in early. Thanks to a lovely friend of mine, I was able to see the 14 acres of Star […]


The Out of this World Endeavour Space Shuttle in LA

space shuttle la

As I’m a fan of sci-fi worlds like that of Doctor Who, it should be no surprise that I’m also a fan of real science, such as the Space Shuttle Endeavour in LA. I’m appalled it took me so long to go see it as it’s in my own backyard. However, now that I have, I […]


25 of the Best Travel Movies on Netflix

Best Travel Movies on Netflix

Since you all loved my travel TV shows post so much I figured I’d follow it up with a post about the best travel movies on Netflix! These streamable movies are from all stretches of the Earth! Some of them even inspired sequels! Some are of the adventure travel movie genre, while others are more dramatic […]