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Welcome to Travel HerStory!

My personal travel blog!

You may be thinking, travel only? Yep! If you didn’t already know. I’ve had a couple of other blogs before. And if you did know, thank you! I really do appreciate it! Either way, let me introduce myself.

I’m Michelle Jensen!

A Bit About Me and My Personal Travel Blog

Back in 2013, I started a travel blog out of boredom. I was working a desk job at a film and TV studio, and it was the same day in, day out. Unless something went wrong (not that I hoped it did), I wouldn’t have much to do during my day. So I decided to fill that time with a blog based on a recommendation from a friend.

It started as a Europe travel blog because I had just come back from there. I have a bit of what I call travel OCD as I plan EVERYTHING! Don’t worry, I’m not terrible to travel with. I just don’t like to waste time when I could be enjoying the beautiful places I’ve likely flown several hours to for only a limited time. There’s literally no reason to waste the precious moments!

Since I was stuck at my desk and not traveling the world (the dream), I soon lacked enough content. The blog then became a collage of many things. Eventually morphing into the Nerd Out blog and app. While the nerd world holds a special place in my heart (don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned it completely, see the Nerd Travel section), it has made me long for my travel blog posts, so Travel HerStory was born!

Nerd Out has since closed, and my new dream is to travel more while working in social media management. I’ve attained part of that dream. I’m working full time on a TV show, part-time as a digital media manager, and part-time here for you!


As I mentioned, years ago, before going to Europe, I had searched and searched for advice and tips for my trip. Everything I found was either too expensive, family-oriented, or the locations of the cheapest beer. None of the aforementioned were things I was interested in or going to help me, so I had to help myself.

After months and months of research, and a very successful trip, I decided to write all my knowledge down on this personal travel blog, hoping it would be of use to you. Now, many years later, I’m still writing down my travel adventures in this tourism blog. All in an effort to share the knowledge and help you as much as possible! While trying to keep it light with some funny bits and save you some dough with my budget travel blog tips!

I view Travel HerStory as a tourism blog because you’re going to find some useful information on destinations here. If there’s one quote that describes my blog best, it’s the David McCullough one below. I believe that travel is about learning. Learning about places, people, cultures, and more. So I’m here to help you do that. You’ll likely notice other than this page, there aren’t many photos of me. It’s because these destinations are the real stars here!

Salzburg Castle

“Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.” – David McCullough

sherlock holmes museum


THS was named for, you guessed it, my love of history mixed with my personal travel stories. I’ve been a fan of the Travel and History channels as far back as I can remember. I still watch both to this day (and patiently await meeting Josh Gates)! My female travel blog aims to bring a bit of their magic here with my own flair.

I’m a twenty-something traveler, occasional female solo traveler, budget travel blogger, you’ll find road tripping across the United States or hostel hopping in Europe. Discover blog posts about planning, itineraries, travel tips, and more! As well as reviews of hostels, sightseeing passes, ancient and historical landmarks, and castles (of course!) As I mentioned, I sprinkle in some geek and nerd travel destinations as well! A number of my posts are of Europe, so I do consider myself a Europe travel blogger. However, I’ll be adding more USA soon as well as some other continents (hopefully)!


I’ve worked with YHA Youth Hostels, Comics Guesthouse, and SYHA Hostelling Scotland.

My photos have been seen in outlets such as Marriott Rewards, Visit Niagara, the Michigan Film and Digital Media Office, Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, and Yamashiro Los Angeles.

My Tryon Palace article was featured on the official tourism page for Visit New Bern.

I’ve been quoted in such articles as Best Capital One Credit Cards and 9 Bags to Choose From for Your Next Weekend Away.

Please note, while some posts may be sponsored, I never post anything on my personal travel blog I don’t believe in or haven’t tried out.


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