Travel HerStory is a nerdy wanderluster on her journey around the world. Stories of trips to Europe, places to stay, adventures across the United States, and tips for planning your next adventure. Blogging her adventures to help you with yours. Inspired by film, TV, and history!

Welcome to Travel HerStory!

This is my travel blog! Travel HerStory is a place to share my travel knowledge with you. Years ago, before going to Europe I had searched and searched for information on travel. Everything I found was either too expensive, family oriented, or the locations of the cheapest beer. None of the aforementioned was going to help me, so I had to help myself. After months and months of research, and a very successful trip, I decided to write all my knowledge down in order to help others. Now, many years later I’m still writing down my adventures in an effort to share the knowledge and help as many of you as possible.

I focus on nerd travel, 20 something travel, budget travel, and just general travel tips!

Travel HerStory was named for, you guess it, my love of history mixed with my story. I hope you enjoy and do let me know if you have any questions! I would love to hear from you!