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Looking for a youth hostel in Rome? The most unique hostel I’ve stayed at is the Comics Guesthouse Hostel in Rome, Italy. It’s the epitome of Nerd Travel! It’s a mash-up of my love of comics with my budgetary needs of a hostel. Comics Guesthouse is a perfect fit for every nerd! They have a selection of different themed rooms you can stay in. I got the Mario and Luigi shared room.

Meeting New Friends

I love staying in shared rooms because you always meet interesting people. Just by staying in a shared room I met people from around the world! One of which I’ve become Facebook friends with. I picked Comics Guesthouse because they were not only affordable, but they were centrally located and near a metro stop (Lepanto). It was extremely safe. They have a big gated entrance which leads to a staircase. Up one floor you have a key code to enter the hostel itself, then a key to get into your room. They provide the keys on an adorable nerdy key chain. I had a Luigi one.

Comics at Comics Guesthouse Hostel

You enter into the main room that is decorated wall to wall with comics. They have video game consoles, DVDs, books, and magazines for those staying at the hostel. You can hang out on bean bags or a comfy couch. Upon check in I was given not only my keys, but a map of the city which I wound up using quite a bit! The staff is lovely and super helpful. When I let them know that the locker I was assigned in my room wasn’t locking, they had it fixed the same day! Though they don’t have 24 hour service, they do have desk times and emergency contact numbers listed. I fortunately didn’t have to use it, but it was nice to know it was there! Let’s not forget to mention, I got up close and personal with Superman! Talk about a dream come true!


Some of the Comics Guesthouse Hostel amenities are free wi-fi, laundry, luggage storage, and a kitchen with a large refrigerator. Since I was trying to eat as much real Italian food as I could, I didn’t use the kitchen much, but it was nice that I had the option. Linen and towel are included.


My room was decked out in every possible Mario Bros. way! Everything from the light fixtures to the toilet had something Mario associated on it. I was in a room with six bunk beds. As it was June, it was quite hot. However, they had air conditioning which really helped! The room itself was very clean! I loved that there was a little desk. I used it to put my makeup on and sort out my bag for the day.

One of the best parts is the little balcony! I skyped my friend from the balcony which was really cool! I showed her the street we were above. There’s a bakery that’s not far so we could see all the people coming and going to that shop. There were two showers in the bathroom. Unsure why, but it didn’t bother me. It was very clean and tidy. There was a little stand next to the shower which was convenient for hair products and such.

Youth Hostel Rome

All in all, I would highly recommend Comics Guesthouse if you are looking for a youth hostel in Rome! While it is not exclusive to youth, it is definitely geared towards the youth hostel vibe. It’s conveniently located, safe, affordable, and brings out your inner nerd!

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    So cool! If I ever make it back to Rome, I’ll definitely be staying there.


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