What Did Kings and Queens Really Look Like

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Have you ever wondered what did kings and queens really look like? You’ve undoubtedly asked what did the Tudors really look like since there are numerous movies and TV shows about them. I watch tons of shows based on the history of Europe. Heck, who doesn’t? Shows ranging from Da Vinci’s Demons to Tudors have become so popular that they are popping them out left and right! Even the CW has created their own historical fiction of Mary Queen of Scots and her marriage to King Francis II of France with Reign. And of course, there is an enormous number of films inspired by the likes of Marie Antoinette, Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire, and the Tudor family tree. What I wanted to do was create a side by side comparison of these TV and film characters with their real-life counterparts. Some were pretty close, others not so much.

What Did the Tudors Really Look Like?

Let’s start with one of the most infamous royal families. The Tudor Kings and Queens are some of the most talked-about royals in history due in part to King Henry the 8th and his notorious string of wives. The Tudor family tree didn’t last long after King Henry the 8th of course. When Elizabeth I, his daughter, died without an heir, the Scottish House of Stuart then became England’s royal family. Want to rehash that part of history? You can watch the Tudors online thru Netflix.

tudor family tree

King Henry the 8th

Previously, I thought they had made King Henry the 8th in the show more handsome than he was. However, the portrait of Henry VIII above, the one we all know, is from his later years. He was actually mentioned as being handsome in historical records. So, this Jonathan Rhys Meyers portrayal from The Tudors may be more correct than I formerly thought. If you’re a fan of the series, you may want to check out some of their filming locations in Dublin.

what did kings and queens really look like

What did Anne Boleyn Really Look Like?

Over the centuries, Anne has inspired and been mentioned in numerous artistic and cultural works, noted for her meteoric rise as one of King Henry VIII’s wives. I think The Tudors did a fantastic job of casting and with the wardrobe. They even included Anne’s ‘B’ necklace, which she often wore. In my humble opinion, Natalie Dormer did a fabulous job creating a fascinating character for The Tudors. She was critically praised for her performance and won two Gemini Awards. If you want to learn more about Anne Boleyn, you can visit her childhood home in England. It also houses some of the love letters between her and King Henry the 8th.

tudor family tree

What Did Queen Elizabeth I Really Look Like?

Anne’s and King Henry’s daughter Elizabeth is very well-known for her look, so I don’t think they could have steered too far from it without some repercussions. Her death and lack of heirs ended the Tudor family tree. I can’t imagine it was a very happy life for her as a Tudor child with her Mother being sentenced to death by her Father. The 1998 film, The Virgin Queen, starring Cate Blanchett, is pictured above. It was also written by Michael Hirst, who wrote The Tudors.

Is this what you thought the Tudors really looked like?

What Did Other Kings and Queens Really Look Like?

Though the Tudor family tree is well known, I wanted to touch on what some other European royals really looked like as well. How do these real-life images compare to the historical fiction films and tv shows we know and love? Some, like King Francis II of France, had their lives cut too short by disease, others lost their head to the guillotine. None the less, we watch and enjoy them all!

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette

Kirsten Dunst just doesn’t have a timeless look, in my opinion. Even the fantastic Marie Antoinette fashion couldn’t save this film. It was more like watching Kirsten playing dress up in a Marie Antoinette costume, not her being Marie Antoinette. Winning the Academy Award for Best Costume Design as it should, being the best part of the film. Probably one of the least convincing what did kings and queens really look like comparison. I visited the fabulous Palace of Versailles; unfortunately, none of her gowns or dresses were there when I visited, but I have heard they have some on display now!

cw reign

What Did Mary Queen of Scots Really Look Like?

Another one way off, though Mary is pretty in the real picture as well as the CW Reign TV show. She appears to have reddish hair and is a lot more conservative than the CW incarnation. I do have to say Adelaide Kane does a favorable job of playing her. She added a lot of depth to an otherwise light show. One of the most incredible castles in Scotland you can visit is Stirling Castle, where Mary Queen of Scots resided.

King Francis II of France

King Francis II of France

Sorry King Francis II of France, but the CW Reign’s Francis is more handsome. TV Francis never looks like the real Francis on the show. Though poor real-life Francis’ health was never great, so let’s cut him a break. King Francis II of France died after only 17 months on the throne from an ear condition. Leaving no children between him and Mary Queen of Scots. A reviewer of The A.V. Club described the show as “an alternate-universe fan fiction than anything pretending to approach history.”

what did kings and queens really look like

Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville

Honestly, I didn’t know much about the story of Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville until the White Queen TV show. The show was pretty good, but the similarities fall short. Neither one looks anything like their real-life counterpart. Historical inaccuracies within the series received attention, especially in the costumes and locations used. In response to criticisms, Philippa Gregory whose historical novel the series was based on said, “What [BBC One and Starz] wanted was not a historical series based on the documents from the War of the Roses. They wanted my take on it, so that’s what they got.”

what did kings and queens really look like

What Did Queen Elizabeth II Really Look Like?

Firstly, I’m a BIG fan of the Netflix series The Crown. If you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading and do it! As we don’t know what happens behind the closed door of Buckingham Palace, the show does it’s best to speculate the relationships between the British royal family. I think they did a splendid job of recreating Queen Elizabeth II with Claire Foy and Olivia Colman.

victoria PBS

Queen Victoria

Another one of my beloved historical shows that is still on the air is Victoria on PBS! As a fan of Doctor Who I was eager to see how Jenna Coleman would adapt to the role. I think they did a fabulous job with the costumes, makeup, set design, and the story in entirety. It’s more Downton Abbey than Tudors as it’s not super plussed up with drama. I highly recommend this fabulous series about Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert.

Georgiana of Devonshire

Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire

Who was Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire? She was known as an English socialite, political organizer, style icon, author, and activist. In my opinion, one of the best for our what did kings and queens really look like comparison. The costume department was spot on with this! So it’s no surprise the film received the Academy Award for Best Costume Design in 2009. The 2008 film The Duchess was made based on Amanda Foreman’s biography of the late 18th-century English aristocrat Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire.