Best Luggage to Use on a Long Trip

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After taking a few trips to Europe and a long weekend at San Diego Comic Con with my Desley hardside luggage, I can confidently tell you that’s the best luggage to use on a long trip.

Best Luggage

Delsey Hardside Luggage

My Delsey hardside luggage is a decent size, it’s a 29″, so it’s too big for a carry-on. However, when I travel abroad I’m not a carry on type of person. Some people are, I’m not. As for Comic-Con, I had WAY too many cosplays and giveaways for Nerd Out to go with small luggage. Actually wound up taking a few pieces of luggage between the cosplays and giveaways. But Delsey was by far the best luggage I had with me.

Delsey Hardside Luggage

Delsey Luggage Review

I have the Delsey hardside expanding rolling luggage. The hardside is fantastic as I know nothing in there will be crushed or smooshed down in transit. The rolling double spinner wheels are wonderful as well as it’s easier on the back. I fit three weeks worth of clothing, including two dresses and two sets of heels for a wedding I was attending, in that suitcase. A great way to save space is with packing cubes.

The lock is great for when you’re staying in hostels. I can’t usually fit the suitcase in the lockers they provide, so it’s nice to know my stuff is protected anyway. I did have a piece break off when leaving London last summer. However, it was under warranty so I did not have to pay for the repair.

I use it for nearly every trip unless I am only going for a couple of days, then the size is rather overkill. One of their smaller carry on pieces would make much more sense! Or if you’re looking for something small but still easy to travel with, check out a wheeled backpack. Delsey really is the best luggage I’ve ever had!

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Michelle Jensen is a twenty-something traveler, occasionally solo, you’ll find road tripping across the U.S. or hostel-hopping in Europe. Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA with a day job in Television.

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