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Before I headed off to Austria, Germany, Slovenia, and Croatia this summer I wanted to get at least a little understanding of the languages. I focused primarily on German as that’s what’s spoken in Austria and Germany, where we were spending the bulk of our time. My mom had heard about an app at her library called Mango Languages. Mango Languages’s goal is to prepare learners for realistic conversations. As well as to strengthen their everyday communication skills. There are over 70 world languages, including English, you can learn thru their company. The best part, it was FREE with my library card!

Mango Languages: Learn German for Beginners

I started with the Mango Languages app about three months before I left. It is also available on desktop but I used the app. It was incredibly helpful for someone like myself that’s learning German as a beginner. It didn’t try to teach me phrases like “the boy is running” or “the donkey ate the carrot”. They aren’t phrases I would use on a fourteen day trip. Instead, they teach you practical examples like “are you from around here?” or “excuse me, do you have the time?”

learn german for beginners

70+ World Languages and Dialects

Through the use of building blocks, Mango Languages helps to increase your proficiency. Each lesson breaks down full sentences into digestible pieces. Gradually helping to build sentences as well as reinforce the language and vocabulary. With new words being introduced with each section. This really helped me understand the language rather than just regurgitating some memorized sentences. I was also able to piece together some sentences myself by the time we left.

german lessons online

German Lessons Online

One of the best things about Mango Languages was the Voice Comparison feature. I was able to practice the  pronunciation of words and see if it matched their native-speaker recordings. Another feature is their Memory-Building exercises which help to review and retain the material learned. They also show you the Understood & Literal Meanings. Direct translations don’t always convey the meaning of a word or phrase, which is why it’s important to recognize understood versus literal meanings. Finally, Semantic Color Mapping helps to show the relationship between the target language and native language, illustrating the structure and mechanics.

A Review of Mango Languages

Being able to have german lessons online instead of a class was supremely useful. I won’t say I was fluent by the time I flew to Austria. But I had the basics down well enough for me to get around and say the pleasantries. I completed only the first two chapters and then skipped around a bit to sections like Getting Around and At the Restaurant. I would highly recommend Mango Languages for any one wanting to learn a new language. Give it a try, even if you aren’t visiting a new country anytime soon. And do check if your library has a free subscription for you!

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