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Packing improperly for a trip can really mess with your trip as a whole. And who wants to screw up their trip before they even begin? No one! You don’t want to screw up that carefully planned trip! You could forget something, pack the wrong clothes, not pack enough, or pack too much. To help solve this problem this infographic has been created to help you and provide some travel tips.


Organization is a key element to travel packing properly. Think of it as your corner-stone to a well planned trip. Think ahead to what you may need and what has been useful in the past.

Outlet Adapter

Get Yourself an Outlet Adapter

Always remember to bring your outlet adapter! Your outlet adapter is always a must have! I figure if I say it twice this travel tip will stick. Don’t go all Leap Year on anyone and accidentally short out the town while trying to put the wrong plug into the wrong socket. No one is going to thank you for that!

I got the cheap one from Target. They look like the picture below. Worked perfectly fine with my iPhone charger and my hair straightener. You don’t need the fancy schmancy ones! At least not for Ireland, England, and France. If you buy them there, they maybe more expensive. So make sure to grab one before you leave the country!

In Paris, the adapter did get a little warm so I wouldn’t leave anything plugged in more than you need to. It may have been that the hostel was old, but thought I’d just give you a warning anyway.

Try Your Outlet Adapter Out

When I was in England, I did try to plug in my blow dryer, but because it was the larger plug it didn’t fit properly into my outlet adapter. The problem was that it was too big a plug to also plug into the wall. Since it only fit one way, the end didn’t fit properly into my adapter. The problem was that it was too big a plug to also plug into the wall. Since it only fit one way, the end with the cord was up against the wall, making it impossible to plug in. I’d advise to try out your electronics and tools before traveling.

Shoe Bag

I get wanting to separate your shoes from your clothes. You don’t know what you’ve stepped in and do not want it ruining your nice outfits. However, don’t buy the expensive shoe bags. It’s a waste of money! Even if they have cute designs! Just use a plastic bag you’d get from the grocery store.

Pack Your Socks Inside Your Shoes

Save space by putting your socks inside your shoes. They’re going to wind up in there anyway so who cares? Saves on space in your suitcase where you can!

Ribbon Your Suitcase

My Mother, and I believe my Grandmother, have been tying ribbon on suitcase handles for years! It’s an easy way to identify your case if you’re one of those people who have the black bag everyone else in the world has!

Luggage Scale

Don’t buy the electronic scale gadget. It’s not worth it. Weigh yourself on your scale at home. Record the weight, then pick up your bag and weigh yourself. Whatever the difference is is how much your bag weighs. Math made easy!

Check List for Packing

Make a list, check it twice! They are essential! Especially if you’re going on a long trip, or a trip to a place that may not have your personal essentials. I start my pile of items I’m bringing about 1-2 weeks ahead of a big trip so that I have the time to think it through. I usually wind up weeding down this pile, but it’s a good place to start. Then I use my checklist that was gifted to me by one of my lovely blog readers!

Travel Tips

1, 5, 7, and 9 I use all the time! Nothing worse than opening up your messy bag at the airport. Trust me! You also don’t want to risk the chance of anything getting stolen. I have a reusable London bag that folds up as my spare. Any good old plastic bag will do. Heaven forbid you lose an important document, this way you have a copy. I always leave one with a family member as well. You can’t ever be too safe when you’re leaving the home.

Happy Packing! and Travel Safe!

travel packing

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Michelle Jensen is a twenty-something traveler, occasionally solo, you’ll find road tripping across the U.S. or hostel-hopping in Europe. Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA with a day job in Television.

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